Best Foods Comedy Gala 2019

The Civic was host to the 2019 Best Foods Comedy Gala last week, which featured rib-tickling comedy routines and delicious treats!

Best Foods Mayonnaise was the Gold Sponsor for the event and could be seen towering over eager guests behind a red velvet rope, where any good condiment belongs.

This was the second year of the event and was an enormous success. For those who missed out on the fun, the Auckland Best Foods Comedy Gala will be screening on TVNZ Channel 2 on Friday nights for the next three weeks and On Demand, to make sure everyone can get in on the chuckles.

The International Comedy Festival still has a long season ahead of them, running from the 2nd to the 26th of May. Tickets are still available to plenty of shows, so keep your eyes peeled for more good times to come!