Broccoli on Pizza? Don’t Knock the Broc!

In the best health news since Pete Evans was banned from social media, Domino’s have added three powerhouse pizza toppings that not only taste great – but are even better for you!

Pizza lovers can now enjoy brain-boosting salmon, delicious roasted pumpkin, and vitamin-packed broccoli on a number of all-new Super Gourmet Pizzas.

Yes, we did say broccoli. On a pizza.

“While it might sound even more controversial than pineapple on a pizza, don’t knock the broc until you try it,” said ANZ Culinary Innovation & Development Chef Michael Treacy.

“It adds such great texture and crunch and when combined with other fresh ingredients and our premium cheeses on a fresh pizza base, eating your greens really has never been more delicious!”

Also on the menu is pumpkin, a great source of potassium, vitamin A, calcium and magnesium.

“The quintessential winter vegetable, roasted pumpkin brings amazing colour and a hint of sweetness to every slice.”

“We also have incredible Smoked Pepper Salmon for a really indulgent pizza experience.”

Salmon is also highly beneficial for our brains because of its omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to enhance memory and elevate mood.

So, can eating pizza make you smarter? The jury is still out, but we do know that eating pizza will almost definitely make you happier!

“These toppings have never been done before by Domino’s in New Zealand, so in the name of science, we encourage everyone to give them a try!”

The new Super Gourmet pizzas are available now with Domino’s Any Pizza Delivered for $15 deal*.

Chicken Florentine

Seasoned chicken, roasted pumpkin, NZ parmesan, olives, baby spinach, sliced red onion and mushrooms, topped with a rocket garnish.

Salmon & Prawn Supreme

Hot smoked pepper salmon, juicy prawns, roasted pumpkin and sliced red onion, all on a crème fraiche base, seasoned with cheese and herb sprinkle and finished with a drizzle of hollandaise and spring onions.

Smoked Salmon Parmesan & Rocket

Hot smoked pepper salmon, shaved broccoli, NZ parmesan, cherry tomatoes and sliced red onion on a garlic sauce base, finished with a rocket garnish. 

Crispy BBQ Peking Duck & Bacon

Generously topped with delicious BBQ Peking duck, crispy rasher bacon and slices of red onion, prepared on a BBQ sauce base and garnished with spring onions. 

Roasted Vegetable Deluxe

Roasted pumpkin, shaved broccoli, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, mushroom, NZ aged cheddar and topped with a drizzle of aioli and rocket garnish.

*Conditions apply. Limited time only. Prices subject to change. Excludes Gluten Free.