Bye Barbie, Hi Grey!

As the Barbie storm settles, the fashion world is entering its new era of sophistication, with grey emerging as a new trend. 

Associated with neutrality and simplicity, grey has risen to prominence this season, allowing designers to experiment with textures, layers, and accessories.  

Celebrities and influencers like Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have embraced this trend, often wearing grey outfits for events and casual outings.  

“The departure from the dominant reign of Barbie pinks, long associated with femininity and youthfulness, marks a shift towards a more mature and refined aesthetic,” said fashion expert Sátria Schneider. 

“Grey is the unsung hero of colours, a blank canvas that allows you to paint your personality and style. We’ve witnessed the fashion world’s infatuation with bold and vibrant hues, but  grey brings a sense of maturity and depth that is refreshing and captivating.”

The neutral undertones of the grey colour effortlessly blend into any ensemble, adding an elegant touch without overpowering other elements. It also allows a transition from seasons, ensuring any style stays fresh and current.