Cheese is more popular than ever with it rumoured to be the next craft beer. Italian cheeses especially have become even more popular with consumers thanks partly to the soaring popularity of pizza. All this popularity has us raising questions as to what is the most expensive cheese and why?


Wyke Farms Cheddar

Coming in at number three is the Wyke Farm Cheddar. The tangy, full flavoured cheddar has been produced in Great Britain since the 1860s and takes 12 months to reach peak perfection. Don’t let its humble history fool you, Wyke Farms Cheddar will set you back $400 per kg.


White Stilton Gold

You will find this stilton at Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire, England. Like its namesake, this cheese is actually made using gold and as a result, has a price tag of $800 per kilogram.



This crumbly white cheese will set you back a large sum. Pule is made using 25 litres of Balkan donkey milk, native only to Serbia and Montenegro, to produce 1 kilogram of cheese. As a result, the price tag is steep, very steep. With a kilogram of Pule priced at a whopping $1200.