Coffee Lovers Rejoice, Allpress Introduces Decaf & Speciality blends Capsules

The iconic coffee brand, Allpress has welcomed two new capsule blends to its trendy Espresso Speciality offering with the Allpress A.R.T Espresso Roast Blend and Decaf Blend launch.

After the successful launch of its first-ever speciality coffee capsule, these new additions will be welcome news to coffee-lovers and decaf drinkers’ ears.

The A.R.T Espresso Roast blend is for those looking for a big, fat and chocolatey hit that’s on the stronger side to really cut through milk and makes for the perfect base of a flat white – or a delicious iced coffee for the hot weather. The roast is crafted to precision, air roasted to the very edge of flavour development while keeping the flavour clean and sweet.

On the other hand, the Allpress Decaf Blend is reliably delicious, whether it be morning, noon or night. The rich and bold flavour has been roasted to the Allpress signature profile, never compromising on Allpress’ iconic taste for the lack of caffeine.