De’Longhi Launches La Specialista Maestro

Some days you just want a good cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. I mean, who doesn’t love staying in PJ’s all day long?

De’Longhi New Zealand has unveiled its new La Specialista Maestro – setting a new design and performance standard for the domestic manual coffee machine. This means you can have cafe-quality coffee right at home.

Thousands of hours of research, development and Italian coffee craftsmanship went into creating the masterpiece. It provides users with the perfect balance of coffee science and coffee artistry. The La Specialista Maestro was co-created by global coffee scientists at over 300 workshops.

“We are incredibly excited to launch La Specialista Maestro, the evolution of our hero manual machine, La Specialista. Research from coffee scientists around the world has gone into creating our most advanced manual machine to date, transforming your coffee drinking experience. It allows you to create at-home barista-style, quality coffee each and every time, empowering you to master, like a barista would, both the coffee and the milk preparation processes,” explained Paolo Albertoni, CEO of De’Longhi Australia and New Zealand.

The launch of La Specialista Maestro included an exclusive dining experience created by ice cream extraordinaire, Giapo Grazioli of Giapo.

“I was inspired by the Maestro to create a symphony of dishes that will transport people to Italy for an afternoon. Five courses, five cities featuring the flavours, sounds and sights of Italy –a journey woven together by coffee and the music of one of the greatest Maestro’s of all time –Ennio Morricone. It has been a pleasure to partner with De’Longhi to create this unique coffee and culinary adventure,” noted Grazioli.

La Specialista Maestro offers an indulgent and enjoyable coffee experience, providing consumers with consistent quality tasting coffee. Thanks to De’Longhi’s innovative technology, experience and know-how, each stage of the coffee drinking experience has been maximised to ensure great tasting coffee personalised to you, allowing coffee lovers to have a holistic barista experience and become their own coffee maestro.

The La Specialista Maestro is like a spaceship of the coffee machine world. Filled with automated features and one-touch recipes, each step of the coffee-making process has been analysed and enhanced within this machine.

Sensor Grinding Technology

Two additional, finer grind settings which deliver an exceptional grinding experience for your choice of beans. The grinding levels of La Specialista Maestro go from 1 (very fine) to 8 (coarse) and have been defined in order to produce the perfect-sized powder and the best aroma, depending on the type of coffee beans chosen. Each type of coffee bean will behave differently when grinding due to their different densities.

Active Temperature Control

The water temperature is precisely controlled throughout the entire brewing process to ensure the ideal temperature stability for the extraction. Coffee bean varieties, as well as roasting colours, require their own specific temperature setting for the best extraction, La Specialista Maestro offers up to five infusion temperature profiles to select, corresponding to a range of temperatures between 90° and 98°C.

Dynamic Pre-Infusion

With five infusion temperatures, the exclusive Dynamic pre-infusion works by automatically adapting the pre-infusion length to the density of the coffee dose to ensure the entire surface of the pod is evenly and gently wet for optimal extraction

Smart Tamping Station

The Smart Tamping technology of La Specialista Maestro allows you to reach consistent pressure results on the dose, without having any mess of spilled coffee ground. After grinding, simply use the lever on the left side to manually press the right force on your coffee dose.

Six Automatic One Touch Recipes

Providing true one-touch coffee and milk recipes, the Maestro comes with six different espresso and milk-based, one-touch recipes including Espresso, Coffee, Long Black, Cappuccino, Long Black and Latte.

Manual and Automatic Milk Solutions

Complete with two milk systems: the new My LatteArt Steam Wand on one side, delivering the perfect microfoam for latte art and the LatteCrema System on the other, creating rich foamy milk at the press of a button.

Coffee lovers, this is not a machine to be missed. Create effortlessly perfect cups of coffee every time with De’Longhi’s La Specialista Maestro.

Available now on the De’Longhi website and in all good electrical and retail stores.