Eco Turtles: The New Way to Clean

Cleaning just got kinder thanks to Eco Turtles Cleaning. Challenging consumers to change the way they clean their homes, Eco Turtles Cleaning encourages the idea of cleaning with a conscience.

Fill, drop and clean – that’s how simple it is to use Eco Turtles Cleaning, a range of tablets to tackle all household cleaning tasks.

Designed using a colour-coded tablet system for easy reference, simply fill the bottle with water, drop in the right tablet for the job and you’re set.

With the ability to eliminate over 2- billion single-use plastic bottles in New Zealand alone by changing to a reusable bottle, Eco Turtles offers an environmentally friendly solution that will not only cut back on toxins in your home but also helps to reduce landfill waste as well as keeping waterways free from toxic run-off.

The Eco Turtles Cleaning range consists of a durable, recyclable PET shatter-proof spray bottle and five different 100% natural, eco-certified, cruelty-free, non-toxic cleaning tablets – degreaser, sanitiser, multipurpose, floor and bathroom.

Ensuring no surface is left untouched, this line-up works to replace all other cleaning products in five simple tablets. Each tablet is designed to produce the perfect amount of cleaning solution for the reusable spray bottle.

Eco Turtles, designed for refills – not landfills.