Edible Art featuring Giapo Haute Ice Cream

A beautiful crossroad between street and edible art.

Last week Artspace Gallery showcased a private exhibition with the centrepiece being an “experimental form of edible artwork” by Giapo Grzioli and Billie Popovic from Giapo Haute Ice Cream. The recent graduate of Elam, Popovic, started collaborating with Giapo in 2014.

The guests had a mix of Artspace’s benefactors, supporters and friends that were blessed with the honour to disassemble the piece. The K-Road inspired cherry plum ice cream was available to fill the cones. However, the cones were made from orange tinted white chocolate which were constructed in Giapo Haute Ice Cream’s Queen Street kitchen/store.

“K-Road is a place of change at the moment – both in a physical and a social sense. We wanted to capture that turbulence and used the safety aesthetic of road cones to help to represent that,” says Giapo. “Ice cream is so much a part of the Kiwi summer and we wanted to engage people with the creativity that can accompany food.”