Final Drop Of Allbirds’ Artist Series

The last drop of the Allbirds 2023 Artist Series comes from Paris-based Franco-Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle. This is the second collaboration between the two, who previously worked together at Le Bon Marché, the prestigious Parisian department store, where the brand hosted a pop-up in 2021.

The limited edition collection saw Bouelle using the Allbirds Pacer silhouette as a canvas for her creative design inspired by her roots, her love for art and colouring books.

She uses her signature broad paint strokes and an earthy colour palette to create an expressive scribble-filled graphic reminiscent of a Paint by Numbers book.

The upper is complemented by a new braided rope shoelace, which adds dimension and texture.

“I was born with a pencil, so I wanted to share my passion for drawing and the happiness it has always brought me. This pattern represents what one day propelled me towards painting, with an essential reminder of the colouring book that was my first creative and inventive step. I wanted to awaken the child in all of us,” said Bouelle.

Previous instalments of the Artist series include the Olivia Rubin Riser and the Zipeng Zhu Tree Flyer 2.