Giapo Teams Up With Sergio Maglione For A Delicious Ice Cream Cake

When it comes to gluten-free ice cream, we think of Giapo. It’s delicious; it’s quirky; it’s everything you won’t expect from your ice cream.

This time, Giapo is teaming up with Sergio Maglione from Farina’s restaurant to create a beautiful gluten-free ice cream cake.

First, the cake comes together, forming a zuccotto dome by cutting the sponge cake in stripes and placing them inside a drinking cup. Then it is filled with two different ice cream flavours, dark chocolate and sour cherry ice cream. Pop it in the freezer to set and unmold it 30 minutes later, and finally, white chocolate is poured over the cake ice cream and finish it with a little cone on top.


This Italian themed collaboration is only available this weekend during the opening time at Giapo and Farina. From now on, you can order it online via Giapo’s app.