Grilling Season Isn’t Over Yet

Flaming Grill

Make the last of the good weather count with these top tips and tricks from pitmaster and BBQ expert Adam Roberts, co-founder and GM of the Australasian Barbeque Alliance. Arguably the most qualified go-to person in the art of barbequing down under, Adam’s tips will see you master your BBQ skills for the end of the season.

Tip 1: Cheaper cuts of meat can be super flavourful

Some of the cheapest cuts of meat are under-rated. Chicken wings are a cheaper cut of meat and if done properly, can give a super flavourful taste as well as great value for money. Artisan sausages are also a cheaper cut of meat but cooked in a smoker or on the BBQ paired with quality charcoal briquettes like Kingsford Charcoal, you’ll get a juicy tray of flavoursome sausages.


Tip 2: Seasoning your meat is essential

Seasoning meat is a step most people forget before adding to their grill. Be sure to sprinkle a decent amount of kosher salt, fresh black pepper and a pinch of brown sugar on the meat a few minutes before cooking. This top tip turns a good quality piece of steak into a delicious, amazing steak with very little effort.


Tip 3: Experiment with different flavours

Testing out new flavours and techniques can help you enhance your barbequing skills, so try something new! You know what they say, practice makes perfect!