Somehow this all glass accommodation unit in rural Canterbury has slipped under the radar!

The 20-square-metre hut near Little River, known as the PurePod, features “the best bed we could find”, a flushing toilet, shower, fridge, stove and a bio-heater. The roof and floor are almost entirely made of glass, giving guests a 360 degree view of the sky, fern and grass floors, and surrounding bush walls. Where else can you spend the night with the milky-way visibly above you and not freeze your butt off?

Three sides of the PurePod open up, and blinds can be lowered over the glass for privacy. There are no neighbours, with the pod being 600m down a bush track, so you can really leave the world behind. There is no television or internet, and cellphone coverage is pretty patchy. Guests are told to bring tramping shoes, drink, and food, although dinner and breakfast can be arranged.

As if it couldn’t get any cooler, the pod is entirely powered by the sun, watered by the clouds, and eco-friendly to the point that rain collected from the roof is directed under the floor, so it goes where it would have if the structure did not exist!

PurePods was created by Grant Ryan – the man behind the YikeBike. It is hoped that other pods will soon be installed around Banks Peninsula.

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