ModelTalks: International model Bridie Morris

The international blonde bombshell, Bridie Morris, was first discovered at the young age of 13 at a hair salon, but didn’t sign with 62 Models until she was 17 and living in the big smoke. Since then she is rapidly becoming one of New Zealand’s top models. From driving jeeps over fake bridges in Sydney to riding camels in Egypt to being a faux bride surround by stuffed zebras in a luxury English countryside mansion, Bridie says  “The highlight of my career so far is the amount of travel I’ve been able to do, which has been a platform to meet a tonne of people in weird and wonderful circumstances.”

Bridie describes modeling as a series of spontaneous events where “There either is no plan or if you think there is, it’s probably going to change, which at times can be very impractical for everyone involved.” Despite her large amount of achievements under her belt already, she misses New Zealand. Her love of the motherland isn’t just friends and family, but the entire industry is so much friendlier and warmer in comparison to other countries she has worked in – “Maybe I’m biased, but New Zealand has produced some of the coolest creatives in the world. I love being surrounded by so many artistic minds and being part of such an inspiring community of talented, happy individuals.”

When asked if she had any advice for younger fresh faces who want to model overseas, Bridie replied “Just go do it right now, just try and see what happens. You’ll always wish you did. Give it 110% and be as memorable as you can. Even if that means always saying hello in Japanese, fashion people love weirdos.”

Bridie is represented by 62 Models in Auckland, Chic Management and Scoop Management in Sydney, Lenis in London and Ford in NYC, Miami, Chicago and LA.