New Dishes at Jervois Steak House

Food on table. Bird's eye view

With classic favourites and salivating delights, Jervois Steak House is a local treat Aucklanders go to for premium steak dishes. In celebrating quality, authentic meats, Jervois delivers a purist approach to the fundamentals of classic steak dinners. With summer fast approaching, Jervois’s team refreshes their menu with lighter dishes full of freshness and flavour.

The salt and pepper calamari and lemon combination is a classic flavour match that Jervois’s team delivers with smoked paprika, toasted cumin and coriander seeds. Paired with creamy taramasalata and crispy squid, delicacy is at the forefront of this new dish.


To awaken the tastebuds, fresh yellow-fin tuna with heirloom tomato, radish, and chipotle oil will be the perfect starter. Coupled with crisp rice crackers, this crunchy contrast balances the melt-in-your-mouth tuna.

Tuna dish

Skull Island prawns are another exciting addition with n’duja butter, lime salt, and soft house-made Parker House rolls. To savour every bit of its sauce, these pillow-like bread rolls soak up everything buttery and juicy.

Prawns dish

Jervois thought it was time to add a chicken schnitzel to its menu. The dish comes alive with colour and fresh flavours with whipped feta, zucchini, peas, lemon and anchovy butter, and dill.

Chicken schintzel

Jervois Steak House offers vegetarian dishes, too – adding fried potato gnocchi to the mix. The dish has a smoky, charred flavour, complimented with grilled mushroom aromatics such as garlic, thyme, lemon, fennel seeds, and parsley pistou. 


Since changing its menu to include variations on its beef repertoire, Jervois Steak House is excited to welcome locals and travellers into their hearty restaurant and enjoy its new mouth-watering creations.