Unleashing Boundless Fun at QT Auckland with my Puppy Vinny

Dog in pet friendly hotel experience at QT Hotel Auckland

Oh, what a tail-wagging adventure it was! My recent escapade at the QT Auckland’s Pup Yeah! package left me and my energetic Sproodle (springer spaniel x standard poodle) pup, Vinny, barking with joy (he’s actually extremely quiet and didn’t bark once during our visit). The unparalleled dog-friendly experience offered by this luxury hotel had us feeling like true VIPs. From the moment we stepped paw into the hotel, it was clear that this was no ordinary stay. Let me take you on a whirlwind journey filled with treats, tail wags, and unforgettable memories.

A Tail-Wagging Welcome:

As Vinny and I trotted into the QT Auckland, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who made us feel right at home. The pet-friendly policy here meant that Vinny could join me on this adventure. The hotel’s enthusiasm for dogs was contagious, and we couldn’t help but feel the love in the air. Pup Yeah! was designed to pamper our furry companions, and we were ready to lap it all up.

Dog Room Service Delights:

Vinny’s excitement reached new heights when we discovered the specially curated dog room service menu. From gourmet treats to mouthwatering meals, there was something to satisfy every canine craving. Vinny’s taste buds were in for a treat as we indulged in the decadent in-room doggie dinner menus. As an enthusiastic foodie, Vinny wasted no time devouring his delectable delights.

The Doggie Mini Bar:

Oh, the doggie mini bar, a haven of tail-wagging temptations! Packed with an assortment of treats and toys, it was like a treasure chest for Vinny. Every time I opened the mini bar, his eyes sparkled with anticipation. The hotel had truly thought of everything, ensuring that Vinny’s happiness was at the forefront of our stay.


Vinny and I had a pup-tastic stay recently at the beautiful QT Auckland’s Pup Yeah! Experience. QT sure know how to pamper and now our furry friends can be part of the fun too! 🙌 What an unforgettable experience. Thank you for having us! Gifted/ad #QTPupYeah #QTAuckland #dogfriendlyhotel

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Lush Pet Bed, But a Bit Snug:

The hotel’s attention to detail was evident in the provision of a luxurious pet bed for Vinny. However, as a growing Sproodle, Vinny had outgrown the cozy dimensions of the bed. Although he tried to curl up comfortably, his long limbs seemed determined to stretch out.


QT Auckland is the perfect location to get out and walk about the town. My husband and I took Vinny for a big walk around the silos and the viaduct. He absolutely loved being in the new environment.

So what’s the verdict?

The Pup Yeah! experience at QT Auckland was nothing short of pawsome. From the moment we arrived until the time we reluctantly departed, Vinny and I were enveloped in a world of doggy indulgence. The hotel’s commitment to creating a truly pet-friendly environment was evident in every aspect of our stay. Vinny’s wagging tail was a testament to the happiness he experienced during our time there. QT Auckland, thank you for reminding us that a trip is always better when shared with our furry friends. Pup Yeah! indeed!

So, if you’re planning a dog-friendly getaway in Auckland, make sure to check out the Pup Yeah! package.