Red Wine, White Lies

Does cryptic wine lingo have you ignoring the drinks menu instead of ordering a bottle for the table? It’s time to raise a glass to not giving a damn by debunking many of the myths that make drinking the drop an unnecessary minefield. Iconic winemaker Richard Painter from Leftfield Wines is here to help us decipher what’s true, or simply…. a white lie.

Red Tastes Best at Room Temperature

For far too long we’ve accepted this tall tale as fact. Put that bottle of pinot back where it rightfully belongs – the fridge. Notwithstanding the fact that Kiwi room temps are way too warm, red wines are more refreshing, drinkable, and delicious with a slight chill. So, move over that tomato sauce and make room for your favourite bottle crimson.

Screw Caps Mean Plonk

Simply not true. In fact, when it comes to keeping the quality of your wine better for longer, screw caps are far superior to corks. Plus, corks break one in 10 bottles, so you won’t run the risk of breakage (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) or needing to bring a bottle opener to your next BYO.

Each Varietal Needs Its Own Glass

Nope. If you fancy sipping champagne from a cocktail glass or sauv from a snifter then you do just that – vino is vino no matter what you drink it from. Whether you sip or slug, swirl or swill, enjoy your wine however you want and don’t be put off if stemware isn’t at the ready.

Older Wines Are Superior

A sweeping statement that can be swept under the rug. While some wines are made to age well, most aren’t and can actually get worse as they get older. Savour it on the spot instead of saving it for later because you may find that when you come to open it down the track, you’ll have to pour it down the drain.