Review | No Hard Feelings

No Hard feelings

No Hard Feelings, starring Jennifer Lawrence as 32-year-old Maddie, is an unsuspecting delight. As a seasonal Uber driver, with her car repossessed and on the verge of losing her childhood home from not paying her property taxes, Maddie finds an ad on Craigslist from a pair of helicopter parents, advertising the sale of a car in exchange for a woman in her early-to mid-twenties to date their introverted awkward 19-year-old son, Percy.

The iconic Matthew Broderick plays the offbeat, comedically well-timed father of Percy who wants his son to have an ‘awakening’ experience as he did before he leaves for college.

Maddie embarks on a laugh-out-loud journey of seducing the painfully oblivious Percy, where the two strike an unlikely friendship that draws both from their respective shells and Percy from his anxiety-riddled invisibility and Maddie from her avoidant attachment, emotionally stuck and lost position.

Both are pushed to overcome the obstacles they have both come up against and created for themselves.

Maddie’s chaotic, reckless, and abrasive manner, coupled with Percy’s deer-caught-in-headlights dorkiness, make for an enjoyable viewing worth a cinema trip.