RPDR S12 E7 RuCap: I’m Madonna B*tch

Season 12 is filled with a variety of characters and is really filling out to be a weird string of episodes. Perhaps it is the way it is being harshly edited thanks to Sherry, but it is presenting Brita as the villain of the season. According to an Untucked episode that us Kiwis cannot see unless you watch it illegally somewhere online (which we don’t condone), APPARENTLY everyone hates each other now. Ok, where was I for that? Excuse me, @Netflix we are only getting half the story! Season 12 is off the rails already with Sherry editing

This season is running a really interesting course – many of the girls who appeared strong at the outset have been booted out unexpectedly early, leaving room for more unconventional and less experienced contestants to flourish.

Although, I’ve suddenly realised that the finale hasn’t yet been filmed. Will it ever be filmed? Is this the season of Drag Race which never ends? Just the finalists – minus she who will not be named – lip-syncing for eternity.

So this week, I sat down with my bowl of Lowrey’s Pork Rinds to find out the next big scoop. Without further adieu, please enjoy our Episode 7 toots and boots…


1. JAN

Jan went above and beyond to serve up 100 percent Madonna in the Challenge, and nailed her runway look of Michelle Visage. Jan this is your week! The most savage moment is when Ru announces the winner and all we see is Jan break inside (reference below).


Ok no shade to Gigi for absolutely stealing that win, the bitch turned it out! Her choreography was better, her Madonna was better – she was that nasty 1 percent better than Jan and really cleaned up. Also I LOVE that Gigi subtly had cone bra on for this look, way to shove it to Brita for stealing your OG role. A well deserved win.


WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? From awkward rehearsal to this? Toot toot! What a performance from Jaida’s Madonna.



We get it! You’re the best in New York… apparently. I completely understand where she is coming from, she is so used to being told she is the best, she is blinded by what she is doing wrong. Unable to see herself improving or developing. This show ultimately favours those who adapt and evolve during the show. So if you aren’t pushing yourself off a cliff you most likely won’t win, unless you’re Gigi, then you can just take the trophy now.

For this episode, Brita demanded to be cone-bra-Madonna. Really adamant that she needed it – AND she came out in a fricking bodysuit and wide leg trousers UNDERNEATH? Shove on five pairs of tights and make it work. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Can’t wait for you to go home. That’s all I’ll say.


Completely unrelated but I watched the LIVE STEAM by Voss Events to support drag queens in quarantine and Gigi CANNOT dance. I mean for a completely choreographed dance that was prerecorded CAN’T DANCE. I am now worried she won’t snag this win at the end.