Ultimate Coastal Road Trips: Australia by Lee Atkinson

One of Australia’s most experienced travel writers, Lee Atkinson, has been writing about her adventures for Australian newspapers, magazines and travel guides since 1991.

Serving as a companion to her book, Ultimate Road Trips: Australia is her new guidebook for Australia’s best road trips near the water. Ultimate Coastal Road Trips Australia offers a wealth of detail for those planning a beach holiday.

This comprehensive guide covers 40 seaside road trips around the country, including the Great Ocean Road, Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the Grand Pacific Drive, and K’gari, Flinders and Bruny islands.

Each road trip has a detailed itinerary with information on road conditions, what to see and do, rainy-weather options, the best time to go and how long it will take, stunning visuals of the coastline and detailed maps.

Ultimate Coastal Road Trips: Australia releases on the 1st of November, 2023.