Meatsmith – Home Cooking For Friends And Family

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Andrew McConnell and world-class butcher Troy Wheeler opened Meatsmith in Melbourne’s Fitzroy to serve a community of home cooks.

Inspired by the elegant butcher shops of Europe, it has gained a cult following as the place to find not only a perfect cut of meat but also a great bottle of wine, an essential pantry staple, or some expert culinary advice.

McConnell and Wheeler observed that when someone buys a steak, they are also looking for ways to cook it, leading to an exchange of knowledge, which is why they decided to document those recipes as a record of how and what they like to cook at home.

Meatsmith contains something for all home cooks, from quick, easy, accessible recipes to celebration and occasion recipes.

With stunning photography from Mark Roper, Meatsmith connects the dots and supplies the knowledge, experience and confidence to make eating and drinking at home the best.