Eden Park Zip Line testing, Eden Park Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand. 19 December 2018. Copyright Image: William Booth /

An exciting opportunity gives thrill-seeking sports fans a chance to view one of New Zealand’s most hallowed sporting grounds from the air.

Launching in the coming months, the Sky Sport Rooftop tour and Zipline will offer punters the chance to walk or fly high above the turf of Eden Park. The historic sports ground has seen two hard-won Rugby World Cup victories, not to mention the many nail-biter cricket test matches featuring the Blackcaps.

Eden Park says the new and permanent tourism attraction will provide yet another reason to visit New Zealand’s national stadium. “Eden Park is a community asset that is home to 117 years of history and endless unforgettable memories.  We are looking forward to working with Sky to showcase the view of Tāmaki Makaurau from this rare vantage point high above the hallowed turf,” said Eden Park Chief Executive Officer Nick Sautner.

Fans will be able to book access to the Rooftop Tour and Zipline in the next few weeks and there will be plenty of exclusive Sky Sport offers on the cards leading into the opening, including the chance for some sports lovers to go down on one knee in mid-air on February 14th.

“If you want a bird’s-eye view of Eden Park just like our Sky Sport sky-high cameras, then go ahead, book it,” urged Sky Director of Marketing Steve Bayliss.

Details will be available soon on