Spaced360 by Orbitsound + WIN

Orbitsound’s Spaced360 is glorious. It has great sound levels that are completely controlled by your device, for example the max volume on my phone is matched to the max volume on the speaker, instead of allowing it to continue to go louder while my iPhone is set on full volume. It is super easy to use and setup and has great portability between devices and makes switching from your iPad to your iPhone a breeze.
The Spaced360 is ideal for any small office, café or retail setup. It is also perfect for home parties or beach BBQ’s this summer! The incredible battery life lasts 14 hours which is great if you are away from a plug for the weekend. The bit rate (or sound quality) over the Bluetooth streaming is so good for a portable speaker, it’s ridiculously better than any portable speaker I have used before. It’s strange because in situation where I am playing music I would always recommend using a Digital to Analogue Converter, aka a DAC, rather than using the Bluetooth but the Bluetooth streaming is just so clear. You don’t even get the hiss noise in the background that most portable speakers have.Orbitsound Spaced360 Grey (close-up), RRP$499The clever design uses bass radiators between speakers which gives it the punch in the low end that majority of listeners want with the heavy bass in today’s popular music. It was also surprising to find that there was no hesitation from the device if you bumped it or moved it while playing music. So overall I think it is definitely worth the extra $100 over similar products for the better sound quality and robustness of the Spaced360 by Orbitsound.

ALSO they have a competition going on right now with Lewis Rd Creamery to win heaps of prizes! The grand prize is a customised cowhide Orbitsound Spaced360 portable speaker, valued at $499.


  • Between 10 June & 7 September 2015, post a picture of you & Lewis Road Creamery Breast Milk on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag #idrinkbreastmilk
  • THAT’S IT!

Check out mine!

Of course #IDrinkBreastMilk 😉

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