The Chinese App that you don’t understand: How to use My Idol

If you haven’t seen this by now than let me introduce you. My Idol is a Chinese app and if you don’t read Chinese then you – like me – won’t even know where to start.

Here’s one I prepared earlier…

To start – I had to take a photo or grab one from my iPhone’s album. Lying in bed with no lights on, the album option was more appealing. TIP: If you have bad skin or no make up on, the app actually adds this flawless/burred/gaussian filter to your skin – so don’t worry.

Here’s the photo I used. I have short dark brown/black hair, sometimes with a fringe and blue/green eyes.Screen-Shot-2015-04-24-at-10.25.32-amAND this is what I ended up with…IMG_0603

When creating your avatar,  at the top


After all that rain going into Winter, I’m feeling a little blue. #WinterIsComing

Here’s me as Eliza from Frozen, but with a slight twist…IMG_0615

When I started getting into the app, I saw I couldn’t wear any of the clothes or extra hairstyles..and I wasn’t about to spend money on a game I didn’t even understand. BUT THIS ISN’T THE CASE. You just simply tap the item you want once to select it and once again to start downloading it. THIS is probably the most helpful bit of information.

IMG_0608Other activities include photos of your new 3D self doing a range of actions, some GIF’s and videos all can be saved to your album. So go be free with your new 3D twin! Get some inspiration from celebs and their idol…

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