The Grove’s Line-Caught Fish

Line-Caught Fish with White Asparagus, Salad of Petits Pois & Trompettes,
Serrano & Parsley

Parsley Puree

• 500g Italian parsley (stalks removed)

• 400g Cream

• 100g Spinach leaves

• 6 Shallots

• 3 Cloves of garlic

Sweat down shallots and garlic in a little bit of butter, add cream and reduce by half.

Blanch parsley and spinach in boiling salted water for 4 minutes, drain and squeeze the excess water out.

Combine shallots, garlic, cream and blanched greens in a blender.
Blend for 4 minutes.

Pass through a fine sieve, adjust the seasoning and cool. (On ice)

White asparagus espuma (foam)

• 500g of peel from white asparagus
(reserve peeled spears for plate up)

• 500ml White chicken stock

• 100ml Milk

• 100g Unsalted butter

• 1g of Xantana gum

• Salt

• Thyme

Add peel to chicken stock and bring to the boil. Trim white asparagus at the bottom. Reserve the spears. Finely slice the trimmed ends and sauté them in a little bit of butter without colour until tender. Puree  them  in the blender with water, then add to the chicken stock. Simmer for 15 minutes. After, strain off and reserve the liquid, return the mass in to blender, blend for 2 minutes while slowly adding the cooking liquid. While blending, add the butter and Xantana. Pass through a fine sieve, adjust the seasoning and chill.

To serve, fill the cream whipper or Espuma gun with warm espuma, charge with 2 cream charges.

White asparagus risotto

• 100g Risotto rice

• 500ml Chicken stock

• 100g Blanched and sliced white asparagus

• 50g Pecorino cheese

• 30g Diced shallots

• 50ml White wine

• 20g Butter

In a heavy bottom sauté pan, cook shallots with a little butter until transparent. Add rice and toast it for few minutes without colour. Deglaze with white wine. Cook until all the liquid is gone. Start slowly adding hot chicken stock, a ladle at the time. Cook rice al’dente. Stir in white asparagus. Take it off the heat and add in diced butter and pecorino. Season and serve immediately.

Salad of Petits Pois & Trompettes

• 50g  Fresh peas (shelled)

• 10g Trompette mushrooms (rehydrated in water)

• Salt

• 5g Chopped parsley

• 10g Shaved Serrano ham


• 200g  Line-caught white fish (in our case snapper)

• Pan fry the portion of fish in oil, finish with butter and lemon juice, rest on paper towel.

By Mike Shatura

Head chef, The Grove