Stolen Girlfriends Club has released a much anticipated new collection of jewellery, ‘MY HEART, YOUR HEART’.  The new collection has five new stories.

‘Black Ocean’ is an androgynous story, using black jade and showcases the raw beauty of the stone.  Tough around the edges, this story is all about showing beauty through imperfections.

‘Teardrop’ is a softer story, inspired by lost love.  The story features facet-cut stones in a teardrop silhouette.

The ‘Shocker’ and ‘Static Emotion’ stories make use of the lightening bolt motif, and represents the rocker feel of Stolen Girlfriends Club and being struck by love.

‘Dagger’ is a story full of delicate pirate-dagger charms – an androgynous and wearable story.

Stolen Girlfriends Club has also debuted a new stone, Rutile Quartz, which is being added to their line of popular stones which include Garnet and Rose Quartz.

The new collection is in store and online now.