Reefton Distilling Co. is a modern distillery in an age-old town, nestled deep in the untamed wilderness of New Zealand’s West Coast.

At the forefront of spirit production in New Zealand, they produce a range of award-winning small-batch distilled premium spirits with a distinct West Coast flavour.

Their products include Wild Rain Vodka, Reefton Distilling Co. Seasonal Fruit Liqueurs and their range of Little Biddy Gins.

The hills surrounding Reefton are rich in native botanicals, their Little Biddy Gin range includes ingredients that they go into the forest and select on the morning that they distil. Created in honour of Reefton Legend Little Biddy, a pipe-smoking, gin-toting, 4ft tall female gold prospector, Reefton Distilling Co.’s Little Biddy Gin is often described as a sipping gin; so good you can drink it straight.

Their full range of products are available online at www.reeftondistillingco.com with contactless delivery throughout New Zealand.