pineapple on pizza

Controversial foods have started fights amongst friends for too long. It’s time to embrace our differences, and embrace these foods for all they add to life.


a platter of olives

If you like the briny taste and meaty flesh of an olive, you’re probably a well-educated waste of space. People who have time for olives are probably armchair philosophers, and definitely use proper punctuation in the comments section. Only 62 percent of people confess to enjoying the tiny balls, with a higher proportion opting for green olives over black.

Red wine

red wine pouring into a glass

Enjoying red wine means you have a love of life and the long telomeres to make it worthwhile. Red wine helps you live longer, and pairs well with every heavy carb.

One-Pot Pasta

one pot pasta

If you regularly make one-pot pasta you’re practical, forward-thinking, and hate tradition. Why cook the components of a pasta separately when you could boil noodles in cream? You represent the future.

Meat Platters

meat platter

Do you always order a meat platter when you’re out for drinks? You’re a go-getter. You pick a goal and won’t stop until you achieve it. You probably enjoy a crisp glass of beer on a sunny afternoon.



People who enjoy anchovies are probably not reading this article. They’re too busy building a pizza oven from clay bricks they moulded themselves.

Pineapple on Pizza

pineapple on pizza

Fans of this are brave, inspired, and untethered by society’s norms. The addition of sweet pineapple to a savoury food is objectionable to some, but for those with elevated palates the competing tastes are exquisite.