Your Travel Guide: Choosing your Airline

Looking to do some travelling in 2019? Whether it’s a long haul flight you are looking at or just a quick trip to the South Island, a good airline can make or break the experience.

But with so many mixed reviews out there, finding the airline that will offer you the best experience can be a real hassle. Fortunately, the World Airline Awards have mad picking your flying partner simple, by presenting a ranking for over 100 airlines around the world and highlighting the best experiences each one offers.

So if you are unsure about which airline best suits your travel needs, this breakdown of some of the most popular airlines will take the stress out of your decision making.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was the 2018 winner of World’s Best Airline, making them a front runner for your travelling needs.

Furthermore, if you are looking to travel in style, the airline was also the recipient of World’s Best First Class. So you can feel confident that if you are forking out the cash to travel in luxury, luxury is exactly what you are going to receive.

Air New Zealand

Our national treasure! Air New Zealand slipped in the overall rankings for this last awards season, placing 17th. But not to worry, considering there are over 100 airlines to choose from, placing in the top 20 is not a bad ranking at all.

Air New Zealand has continued to flourish in other areas, as they hold the title of Best Premium Economy Class and Best Premium Economy Seat. There is no need to upgrade when you are receiving such stellar service in premium economy, save your money for your destination!

Qatar Airways

Whether you are travelling for work, or simply looking to fly in comfort, Qatar Airways should be your partner of choice. Qatar placed second for World’s Best Airline, making them a fine travel companion.

The airline also won World’s Best Business Class as well as World’s Best Business Class seat. So you can rest assured that your journey will be comfortable as you recline in their award-winning seats, and receive the best business class service money can buy.


If you are looking at long haul travel, choosing an airline which will cater to your entertainment needs is crucial. After all, there is nothing worse than 12 hours in the air with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs.

Emirates was awarded Best Inflight Entertainment, so there is no need to stuff your carryon full of books and mini magnetic board games, this airline has got you covered.

Thai Airways

If you are flying economy but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, then Thai Airways is the travel partner for you. Thai Airways placed in the top 10 for World’s Best Airways and supported their placement with some stellar economy reviews.

The airline won World’s Best Economy Class and World’s Best Economy Class Onboard Catering. Excellent service and delicious meals are precisely what you will get with Thai Airways. The experience is so great you may never want to get off the plane!