A Glamorous Way to Feed Your Pet

For pet owners, nothing is more special than being greeted by your pet at the end of the day, taking them for walks, or ensuring they are fighting fit. 

DoPaw has created raw, handmade treats full of the finest ingredients, all of which are locally sourced. DoPaw founder, Lou Anne Lowry, said that DoPaw is a healthy, nutritious and glamorous way to feed your dog.

“When people think of raw pet food, a lot of the time, you would initially think of tripe and mince, which isn’t that appealing,” said Lowry.

After completing her degree in animal science, focusing on animal metabolism and nutrition, Lowry got to work to make a healthy and alternative product whilst noticing a gap in the market. In New Zealand, the treat and chilled pet food industry makes up 52 percent of the pet food market, yet somehow there was a gap between 100 percent raw and frozen treats.

Lowry noticed that although many freeze-dried and air-dried products were available, she could offer something different by creating a raw option.

Green-lipped Muscle Oil is a key ingredient in all of DoPaw’s products, meaning they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA, supporting joints and mobility, heart health, healthy skin, and shiny coats. These omega-3 levels exceed AAFCO/NRC requirements, truly making them a great nutritious treat for your pup.

Within the DoPaw range, Lowry said that the Bite-Size Sausage Treats were her most popular product and were perfect for fussy dogs. The Bite-Size Sausage Treats are made in both chicken and beef varieties, with Lowry adding that even her cats like them.

The other two products in DoPaw’s range are the Handcrafted Trachea Cookie Treats and the Handcrafted Meatball Treats, available in beef and lamb. 

The premium ingredients used in DoPaw’s range ensure that customers are guaranteed a quality product. All ingredients are sourced from a human-grade supplier, which Lowry added was something that separated DoPaw from other pet food products.

DoPaw is recognisable for its colourful and vibrant packaging, something that Lowry said was an absolute must for her product. At first glance, Lowry admitted that she fell in love with it.

“I always knew it was going to be pink. We wanted it to be something that was feminine and really fun. You see a lot of plain packaging and a lot of green and yellow, so pink was a really nice breath of fresh air.”

In future, Lowry hopes to expand her market and range, stating that although the online response to her products had been enormous online, she would like to branch out into retail opportunities. Lowry added that the response that she has had from trade shows has been very encouraging.

DoPaw’s slogan, “Made with Love for All Paws,” represents the time, effort, and passion that is put into making the products as beneficial to animals as possible.

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