Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs Pawgust Initiative

Pawgust is a fitness and fundraising challenge encouraging participants and their furry friends to brave the cold and walk or run in August. This initiative aims to fund Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs’ international celebration of compassion and canine companionship. 

At the heart of Pawgust is Claudia, a 22-year-old human resources employee in the public health sector, whose low vision was diagnosed at only eight weeks old due to a rare cancer. Her life took a turn when Blind Low Vision NZ matched with her guide dog, Aztec, a Black Labrador, who provided her with a completely different independence than she had ever expected. 

Every year, Blind Low Vision NZ breeds approximately 120 potential guide dogs, with approximately 40 graduating to serve as guide dogs. However, with a significant waiting list of up to 33 New Zealanders, the current waiting time is around two years unless more dogs can be successfully trained as guide dogs.

Blind Low Vision NZ encourages everyone to gather their four-legged friends, join the Pawgust movement, and support Kiwis who are blind or have low vision.