BOOK CLUB | The Illustrated World of Couture

Are you a fan of fashion? For a loss of better words… a fashion nerd? Then this is the book for you.

The world of couture is a world of wearable art. It is a world where creativity and craftsmanship collide.

Megan Hess has spent her career documenting fashion’s most beautiful people, places and pieces.

In The Illustrated World of Couture, Hess brings to life important pieces of art form, with exclusive insights and exceptional illustrations.

Couture is only worn by a handful of people worldwide, however, it still has incredibly influence even beyond the traditional boundaries of the fashion show runway.

Explore this unique collection and follow Hess through the intricate details, multifaceted inspirations and dramatic shows that define the couture experience.

Hess introduces to us the generations of creators who are the best of their craft, as well as couture collectors who treasure this art form.

Explore exclusive ateliers and high profile events within famous fashion destinations all over the world.

The Illustrated World of Couture is the perfect book to get immersed in for all fashion enthusiasts.