Stokke Launches New Limas Carriers in New Zealand

Stokke, the Scandinavian maker of premium children’s products, has welcomed in its newest family member to its globally renowned line-up of baby products: Stokke Limas Carriers.

Featuring three hero products, Stokke Limas Carrier, Stokke Limas Carrier Plus and Stokke Limas Carrier Flex, the range delivers stylish, must-have essentials that allow parents and caregivers to go completely hands-free when on the go or at home with their baby. Helping to facilitate closeness and bonding as well as providing optimal comfort and support from birth and beyond, the carriers enable both parent and child to grow confident together, every step of the way.

“At Stokke, we’re incredibly excited to introduce the Stokke Limas range to expectant and existing new parents across the globe. We recognise that in today’s busy world, parents need accessories that will enable them to go about their everyday lives, whilst still ensuring there is that all-important closeness and bonding with their baby. Blending Stokke’s premium style and quality design, with Limas’ expert-backed heritage, this new range truly speaks to our ‘Here We Grow’ brand philosophy, enabling parents and their children to grow and develop together.” Jacob Kragh, CEO Stokke, comments on the launch.

Backed by those in the medical community, babywearing has long been proofed beneficial for building trust and safety between caregiver and child. Not only does the new collection adjust to accommodate infants, but it supports the child’s physical and physiological development along the way. The carrier expands as your baby grows, to support the growth of the hips, spinal column, and muscles; as well as providing them with a whole new sensory experience, helping to stimulate the brain.

As with all Stokke products, all Stokke Limas Carriers combine both style and substance, and are a must-have for stylish, yet conscious parents and caregivers. Made with 100% cotton or cotton-linen mix, each of the carriers in the range is soft and lightweight, providing freedom of movement, comfort, and support.

Adjustable bases and back panels, teamed with the choice of wide shoulder or waistbelt straps, help to ensure even weight distribution for superior comfort, while also catering to a host of aesthetics, Stokke Limas Carriers are available in five solid colourways, plus five patterned designs, ensuring there is an option to every style and every occasion, whether that’s a carrier for around the house, or for a stroll around the city.

The full Stokke Limas range will include the Stokke Limas Carrier, the Stokke Limas Carrier Plus, the Stokke Limas Carrier Flex, the Stokke Limas Ring Sling, the Stokke Limas Wrap, the Stokke Limas Muslin Blanket.

Stokke Limas Carriers are the first products to be released from the former German-owned Limas line, acquired by Stokke in 2021. This launch will see Limas products rolled out under Stokke’s global purpose – Here We Grow – which places emphasis on bonding, learning and child development to help parents and children to grow in confidence and to become the best version of themselves.