Summer Scenes & Scorched Almonds

As the days get hotter and nights get shorter, Scorched Almonds has unveiled a special edition of their much-loved chocolate-covered almond offering.

The four collectable Scorched Almonds designs feature art by celebrated New Zealand artist, Tony Ogle. These limited designs make the fast-approaching gifting season that much more sweeter!

The works were hand-picked to showcase the natural beauty of New Zealand, something we’ve all appreciated a little more than normal this year.

The chosen art by Ogle includes Coastal Carnival; a colour celebration of 60s beach culture, Hahei Pathways; a picturesque image of Coromandel living, Te Pahi; a secluded crescent beach, and Wainui Waves, a surfer’s view of Wainui Beach.

“We love being the go-to gift, whether it be for teachers ahead of the school holidays, for a friend when you want to say thank you, or the office Secret Santa and everything else in between. This year, we wanted to do something a little different to make the gift of Scorched Almonds even more special,” explained Fraser Shrimpton, Head of Marketing and Nestle.

This collection began as an idea to capture the essence of New Zealand, and Tony Ogle’s artwork did that instantly for the team at Nestle.

The limited-edition Scorches Almonds Summer Collection are now at Countdown and New World supermarkets.