Here’s How To Shop Right This Holiday

With the holidays around the corner and the start of the sales season upon us, have you ever wondered which discount day actually gives you the best deal? The Commerce Commission has shared valuable tips to make sure we get our money’s worth this holiday season.

“We encourage consumers to shop around. Compare prices across several retailers before sales start so you can see which retailers are offering savings compared with the price you would usually expect to pay. Ultimately, ask yourself whether the price you are being asked to pay represents good value to you for the item you are looking to buy,” said Commission Chair Anna Rawlings.

The Commission recommends that consumers buying online for Christmas do their research before using an online store for the first time and check any statements on the website about when the goods will be delivered.

“We have seen an increase in complaints related to stock and delivery in recent weeks, so we recommend ordering early. If your order does not arrive within the stated time, you may have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act,” continued Rawlings.

Last year, the Commerce Commission warned a major retailer for accepting payment for a product when it had no remaining stock to fulfil the order.

Consumers should also check returns policies and make themselves familiar with their rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Many more consumers buying gifts or household goods online this year helps to know their rights to return them.

Consumers should also check the fine print of any advertising or terms and conditions, and retailers shouldn’t be using fine print to conceal important information. Suppose consumers are buying on credit or from a mobile trader. In that case, the Commission encourages them to make sure they understand all the terms and conditions – particularly if they are not getting the goods straight away.

Be sure to shop smarter this holiday season!