Is that Mr. Whippy or a Vaxi Taxi?

Image Sourced: @MrWhippyNZ

The government has decided to gain inspiration from our favourite childhood ice-cream van, Mr. Whippy, to push the vaccine drive in Auckland. Starting today, the Mr Whippy-style vaccine van will show up in areas that have a low percentage of vaccinated people and to the people/places that have difficulty accessing a vaccination centre.

The Prime Minister has called for help in naming the mobile vaccine drive, the main criteria; it has to be creative. The Prime Minister called, and the nation responded. Some hilarious names have been floating around for suggestion, such as “Busey McBusface”, “Jabba Waka”, “Shot Bro”, “Jabbin’ Wagon” and “Vaxi Taxi”.

In the hopes of getting more Kiwis vaccinated around the country, we couldn’t help but question, will there be free ice cream afterwards?