Turn Your Fashion Dreams into Virtual Reality

Nintendo has plans to make your virtual influencer dreams come true!

Fashion Dreamer, the much-anticipated fashion and communication title developed by syn Sophia, Inc., will be making its way to our shores this November 3, launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

In celebration of the launch date reveal, Nintendo have given fans a sneak peek into the virtual world of Eve though an extended gameplay video. Fans are able to explore the different features and creative options emerging fashion influencers will have available to build their personal style and brand.

Fashion Dreamer is a creative game where you can express your personal style through your avatar, called a Muse. Designers have options to create iconic looks in many styles, from casualwear to chic couture, there are hundreds of available options that can be customised into a one-of-a-kind fit.

Once you have created your signature style, your Muse can model their outfits across different areas, known as Cocoons, and explore the signature looks of other Muses. If you wish, you can then display your favourite looks in their showroom to garner more attention for your brand. 

The opportunity to increase your influence comes in the form of completing design challenges, and unlocking extra customisation options that can take your brand to the next level. Fashion Dreamer features asynchronous multiplayer, allowing the Muses of designers from around the world to extend their virtual influence across the globe.

Along with gaining Likes and increasing your influence, in the world of Eve, sharing the love and sending another Muse Likes will unlock new items for yourself. Connecting Eve to the internet opens a new hoard of fashion opportunities, Muses can visit connected worlds and look for inspiration, or snag entire outfits, increasing your chance of becoming the next international fashion sensation.

Fashion Dreamer will be available in both physical and digital editions from November 3 2023.